Reaching Where Other Booms Cannot for Less Labor-Intensive, more Productive Pours

Innovative Multi-Z boom technology allows our booms to maneuver under extremely low heights. It can also be used in an A-frame configuration.

The versatile Multi-Z boom can reach into difficult-to-access areas to easily place concrete and avoid dragging extra delivery line.

A long horizontal reach can be quickly achieved under very low heights.

Note: A Z-Fold boom incorporates a combination of roll-and-fold and Multi-Z boom technology.

Featuring Multi-Z and Z-Fold Boom Versatility for Access into Tights Spots & Under Low Heights

Unique Multi-Z boom illustrates its versatile unfolding process in this series of photos, highlighting its ability to access tight spots where other booms simply cannot.

Putzmeisters Multi-Z boom does not have to be completely unfolded, as the end hose is immediately ready to pour, even in front of the truck.

With the boom's flexibility, the unit can be set up right next to the pour for more effective reach.

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Unique Multi-Z Boom Illustrates its Versatile Unfolding Process

Z-Boom Process | Ashmore Concrete